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The Real Cause of Cancer - And the Only Way to Stop It

Dr. Warburg was a brilliant German scientist who found the common denominator of all cancers. It’s a very simple thread that connects every cancer — and exposes cancer’s weakness. His meticulous research won him the Nobel Prize in 1931.

And subsequent groundbreaking work earned him a second Nobel Prize offer in 1944. Unfortunately, the Nazis wouldn’t let him receive it. Warburg studied cancer in real time. That means he studied cells as they transformed from normal to cancer as it was happening. His incredible paper was called “The Metabolism of Carcinoma Cells.” It was published in America in the Journal of Cancer Research in 1925.

The connection he discovered was a common metabolic link in all cancers. And it was not pesticides, preservatives, radiation, chemicals, poisons, or any other carcinogen. Wait a minute! Weren’t we taught to believe that carcinogens damage DNA and cause cancer by genetic injury? It’s true all of these are factors. But they all lead to only one simple bottom line — they all prevent your cells from getting or using oxygen.

Warburg’s story is all about oxygen. You know that I, too, love to use oxygen to treat disease. It’s the stuff of life. Consume more oxygen and live longer. Consume less and your life will be shortened with more chronic degeneration. Just what kind of degeneration? Not just circulatory diseases and infections, but cancer! read more:

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