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Hyperbaric Oxygen


Oxygen (O2) is a critical element of our existence that sustains us. It is what we need for all biological functions in our bodies.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) therapy involves the breathing of medical grade oxygen in a pressurized chamber wherein the ambient pressure around the body is increased   (inside the Hyperbaric chamber air pressure is increased up to three times higher than normal air pressure) which enables the patient’s lungs and red blood cells to absorb more oxygen. The blood carry the oxygen to the organs and tissues in your body which stimulate capillary growth and enhances the body's white blood cells ability to fight infection and other health disorders. As a result, HBOT stimulates growth of new blood vessels which promotes healing in problematic wounds and recovery that assists the body's organs in functioning more efficiently altogether.  


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a scientific, evidence-based medical treatment that is preventive, effective, safe and non-invasive. 


Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a well-established treatment for divers suffering from decompression illness. It is also used in treating other conditions which includes Gas embolism, carbon monixide poisoning, serious infections, and non-healing wounds as a result of diabetes or radiation injury. 


At the present, there are 14 HBOT indications that are approved by the U.S. FDA and UHMS (Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine Society). The U.K. has 14 "approved" indications, Japan 20, China 53, CanadaGermany, and Russia 85. In the latter three countries the "approved" lists contain several neurologic disease indications which translate as "severe spinal cord disorders", "acute and severe hypoxic brain disorders", "severe spinal cord injury", "Bell's palsy", "Multiple Sclerosis", "cranial traumas", "viral encephalitis", etc. These indications are the specific types of diagnoses and conditions that have been proven to be effectively treated by HBOT. 



  • Decompression sickness

  • Air or Gas embolism (diving accident or Iatrogenic)

  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning or Smoke Inhalation

  • Clostridial Myonecrosis (Gas Gangrene) and other Anaerobic Infections

  • Delayed Radiation Injuries (Soft Tissues and Bony Necrosis)

  • Osteoradionecrosis following Dental extraction

  • Thermal Burns ( 2nd Degree or more)


  • Diabetic Wound Healing Disturbance /Selected Problem Wounds, Diabetic Foot Ulcer

  • Crush Injuries, Compartment Syndrome and Acute Ischaemia (Traumatic or vascular basis)

  • Compromised Skin Grafts and Flaps

  • Severe Anemia (by loss of blood)

  • Refractory Osteomyelitis

  • Acute Hearing Loss, Acute Acoustic Trauma with/without Tinnitus

  • Necrotising Otitis Externa

  • Sensorineural hearing loss


  • Enhancement of Healing in certain problem wounds

  • Post Anoxic Encephalopathy

  • Acute Opthalmologic Ischaemia

  • Radiation Necrosis (Intestinal and other)



  • Cerebral Palsy 

  • Stroke (acute cerebral ischemia)

  • Lyme disease

  • Austism


In other countries, such as; China, Russia and Taiwan, HBOT is used to treat as many as 74 indications, including; 

Stroke, Traumatic brain injury, PTSD and multiple sclerosis

Physiological benefits of HBOT


  • Increased neuronal energy metabolism in the brain

  • Can create sustained cognitive improvement

  • Wakes up dormant (sleeping) brain cells that stay alive but are not actively "firing".

  • Enhances the body's ability to fight bacterial and viral infections.

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory

  • Deactivate toxins and poisons 
    (e.g. side effects from some chemotherapy, spider bites, air pollution,etc.)

  • Enhances wound healing

  • Creates an immediate aerobic state

  • Removes free radicals

  • Reduces tissue swelling

HBOT and Stem cells

" A landmark study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine headed by research team led by Stephen Thom, MD, Ph.D. revealed that HBOT dramatically increases stem cell activity, during and after 20 treatments. 

The results were astounding. After only one treatment, concentrations of stem cells doubled, and after the 20 full course (sessions), there was an eight-fold increase in these rejuvenating cells."


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