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*please follow the instructions below*

STEP 1: Choose your APPOINTMENT type
There are 3 types of appointments to choose from:
Scuba Diver's Appointmnent (for scuba divers suffering from decompression sickness and other ailments)
Solo/Group single Appointment  (for single date,time and chamber bookings)
Solo/Group multiple Appointments (for multiple dates with same time and chamber bookings)

STEP 2: Choose your CHAMBER
You can either choose for SHARING or EXCLUSIVE chambers, depending on your preference.
for SHARING chambers, just means that there will still be open slots for other people to book the same schedule as you did, as to EXCUSIVE chambers that gives you the opportunity to block the whole chamber for your privacy. 


STEP 3: Proceed to CHECKOUT
Allocate the number of sessions or packages you'd like to purchase. Review your items and enter the following coupon codes; (if applicable). These discounts are only valid if they are booked on the same time,date and chamber.*please read the
terms and conditions on how these will apply upon purchase.*


SENIOR20 (for senior citizen discount)
GROUP23  (for a group of 2-3 people)
GROUP45  (for a group of 4-5 people)
GROUP68  (for a group of 6-8 people)


STEP 4: Checking the availability of your desired SCHEDULE.
Click on the SCHEDULE button found under the BOOK NOW tab in the menu bar.
from there, feel free to browse through the available schedules for the week and months ahead. 


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