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Patient Testimonials:

Advance Hyperbaric Life Support offers the most economical HBOT therapy in the Philippines with its premium multiplace hyperbaric chambers. Preventive. Simple.

While diving in Coron in March 2015, I suffered a fairly severe case of Decompression Illness (DCI). This left me with numbness and tingling in my legs and, more frighteningly, the inability to pee, which meant that I had to be catheterized and spend a night in the hospital in Coron. Needless to say, it was a stressful experience! Fortunately, I was put in contact with Dr Bernardo at Advance Hyperbaric Life-Support. The moment I arrived at their modern facility in Quezon City, Dr Bernardo and his wonderful team put me at ease with their kindness and professionalism. After examining me, Dr Bernardo recommended that I immediately go into the hyperbaric chamber for the first of five sessions. During the next week, I completed my hyperbaric chamber sessions, all the while making steady progress in regaining strength and normal feeling in my legs. Finally, after the last session, Dr Bernardo, removed the catheter and, joy of joys, I was able to pee on my own! I feel very lucky indeed, that my care during this ‘unnerving’ experience was entrusted to Dr Bernardo and the team at AHLSI!


Steven Gershon

My experience with HBOT therapy is so far satisfying , but Im looking forward to do more treatments.

Hans van Campenhout

 "I'm just beginning at the Oxygen Therapy and so far I'm very pleased with the facilities, staff and Therapy."

 Gregory A. Cox

 I'm happy there is a hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the Philippines. It's a life saving machine that can help anyone in need. I pray that more people will get to try this therapy.


 Angie Chua

"After 2 sessions ng HBOT, nawala sakit ng tuhod ko. Nabawasan spasms sa balikat ko."


Rosario Dysun

What was supposed to be just an inquiry turned out to be a very pleasant experience when Sir Jess kindly coaxed me to try the hyperbaric chamber the afternoon my husband and I went to the Advance Hyperbaric center. The location is easy to find; the center itself an attraction to those who seek wellness. The staff are all accomodating, courteous, and considerate. Clean, hygienic and comfortable, the chamber creates an ambience of relaxation while the body experiences the intake of oxygen needed to refresh and energize itself. After each session, I look forward to a guaranteed good night's sleep with my body invigorated and rejuvenated. :)


Rita Quizon

If my son were not able to sleep in the afternoon he used to have black color under his eyes. While taking the Hyperbaric even though he didnt slept till midnight he looks still refresh and energetic.


Norman Ada

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